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Getting Started


I sit here having a myriad of ideas on what to say, but since it is almost my bedtime, I cannot seem to get my thoughts typed.  I have been reflecting on maybe too many things at once the last few days, but since I have already been into my quest for eating more organic veggies and fruits (to be more economical at the time, sticking with the Dirty Dozen list), I have now gone on to tackle more things:

Dirty Dozen

*Finding a place to buy Raw cows milk.  Thankfully, I have a family in my church that gets theirs from a local farm that does not inject their cows with steroids, hormones, and antibiotics.  This week, I have successfully made my own yogurt in a crockpot!

After my yogurt turned out quite yummy (I personally added a little raw honey with vanilla), I discovered how awful cold cereal on store shelves is for you (especially organic), I tried to make my own.  The recipe calls for spelt, but I used Shiloh Farms’ sprouted spring wheat (SPROUTED helps your body to absorb the wheat like it would a vegetable).  The lady seems a little extreme (as if I don’t right now–haha), but I wanted to give it a  go.  She said to leave it in the oven on 200 degrees for 12 to 18 hours to dehydrate it…SO THANKFUL that I woke up at 4am to check on it.  It had only been 7 hours and it was smelling burnt, tasting burnt, and almost too hard to crunch. My husband has dubbed it “Captain Crunch”.   Another friend made it the same night and hers turned out fine though.  The next time I make it, I will watch it more closely!  We live and learn…apparently my oven wanted to get me back for something–maybe using it too much.