I am a wife and mother who has recently become aware of how important nutrition is…yes, this seems silly, but it REALLY just hit me! I knew from the time I was a teenager that I wanted to raise my children to love their Creator and be passionate about sharing the salvation Jesus provides with others, but after I got married and had a little one…and as that little one started to eat solid food, I became sensitive to another aspect of life…FOOD (among other things). I never thought terribly much about how much “junk” that was out there (and that I was eating/consuming a lot of it). Ever so slowly, I discovered more and more about how to have a nutritious diet. Such as: Fruits and veggies are great…as long as they are organic and not plastered with pesticides (which can cause cancer and a load of other problems)–the same with meats injected with antibiotics and steroids…and diets that were never healthy while the animal was alive. SO MUCH INFORMATION, so I am starting a blog to document my journey on further discovery…

*Baking/cooking endeavors
*New diet purchases
*Possible Gardening
*New nutrition Discoveries
*MOST IMPORTANTLY Things God is teaching me in my relationship with Him–showing me “Man cannot live on bread alone.” He is still more important than food!

Hopefully, I can keep up because right now, I feel extremely overwhelmed with the change of living…diet and prioritizing our income (if we can do it, I assure you that YOU can do it too if this is where you set your priorities…believe me)! 🙂


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