Nourishing Traditions


It has been awhile and a lot has been going on–namely, the Lord allowed me to find another Nanny position where I can have my baby with me, so that means, we can buy my grain mill!  Now the big debate is going to be WHICH MILL?!?!?!?  So, crazy me, thinks about the future and maybe not having electricity, so I would want a manual one, right?  More work, yes, but it could be fun….and more expensive…because the one I want is made in the USA…WOO HOO!!!

Country Living Mill


Then there is the electric one that a lot of people recommend:

Nutrimill Grain Mill


The latest book I am reading that has solidified my need to be grinding my own wheat berries is Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon.  It is a cookbook, but it also explains everything I am trying to do with our diet and why I am doing it.  She has a part that explains fats, carbs, “Diet Dictocrats” (etc.) and what they have convinced people is true about our American Diet the last few decades that now, we just accept as the truth and norm.  GET THE BOOK–haha.  Even if you just read it, it is amazing and great.  Just reading the process of how margarine and shortening is made is enough to make me never go back…did you realize it is made with tons of chemicals and is actually gray…they just bleach and color it to make it yellow…bleck!   Due to our change of diet…I am eating substantial amount of beef, chicken, eggs, yogurt, keifer, whole milk…and guess what?!?!?!? With all that saturated fat, I have lost 3 pounds BECAUSE–Sally Fallon and Dr. Campbell McBride both explain how Americans have been lied to and organic saturated fats are essential to living.


I just read this to my little sister and she said, “So what are you going to bake with if you aren’t using butter?”.  Me, “Wait, wait…where do you get that I am not using butter. Butter is good for you…?”.  Lil Sis, “You just said they use chemicals and bleach it…”.   Me, ” That is margarine…see, people think margarine is butter…and if they know the difference, a lot think it is better than butter because that is what we are told”.


About nuttyonnutrition

I am a wife and mother who has recently become aware of how important nutrition is...yes, this seems silly, but it REALLY just hit me! As my daughter started to eat solid food, I became sensitive to the "junk" that was out there. Ever so slowly, I discovered more and more about a more nutritious diet. Such as: Fruits and veggies are long as they are organic and not plastered with pesticides (which can cause cancer and a load of other problems)--the same with meats injected with antibiotics and steroids...and diets that were never healthy while the animal was alive. So much information, so I am starting a blog to document my journey on further discovery... *Baking/cooking endeavors *New diet purchases *Possible Gardening *New nutrition Discoveries Hopefully, I can keep up because right now, I feel extremely overwhelmed with the change of and prioritizing our income (if we can do it, I assure you that YOU can do it too...believe me)! :)

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