The Yogurt Says I Can’t


So, I was making my second batch of yogurt in the crock pot…after being out of milk and yogurt for a couple days…I was really excited, but was so tired by the evening, I forgot to add in my yogurt culture to the raw milk. I woke up in the morning to find, warm milk that was very much not yogurt.  I was told I could mix in the yogurt and try it again, but I had already put it back in the refrigerator to use it in baking somehow (I’m probably just going to make cereal this weekend).

Because of this mishap, I do not have enough cream on the milk left to make butter because I had to use more milk to make my third batch of yogurt–which is yummy, I might add. I am excited to get my pure maple syrup from a local farm on Sunday and mix it in my yogurt (A friend told me that it is pretty amazing).

My next short topic is SEASONING AN IRON SKILLET.  Doesn’t seem too complicated, right? I went off a blog that suggested oiling the pan with bacon grease on 350 degrees for an hour.  After an hour, my pan was icky, sticky!  She said this happens to her, so she burns it off with heat?  Well, the bottom inside of my black iron is now a brown color…I think I did something wrong.  I went ahead and took someone else’s advice and lathered it with bacon grease again and put it in the oven on 250 for 3 hours. I then let it cool and wiped it out.  I repeated the whole process 2 more times and I am currently pleased with the results. I made eggs yesterday and they did not stick to the pan at all (Before I seasoned it, even with bacon grease or butter, they would burn on the pan which led me to the conclusion it needed re-seasoned).









Although my week seemed like it was turning into a tragedy, it hasn’t ended too badly.  I am thankful that my family seems to be almost completely healthy (and yes, I attribute it to the Lord bringing probiotics our way because most people who got sick about the time we did are still sick)! I am also so very thankful that I have milk to ruin yogurt and an iron skillet with which to burn food.


About nuttyonnutrition

I am a wife and mother who has recently become aware of how important nutrition is...yes, this seems silly, but it REALLY just hit me! As my daughter started to eat solid food, I became sensitive to the "junk" that was out there. Ever so slowly, I discovered more and more about a more nutritious diet. Such as: Fruits and veggies are long as they are organic and not plastered with pesticides (which can cause cancer and a load of other problems)--the same with meats injected with antibiotics and steroids...and diets that were never healthy while the animal was alive. So much information, so I am starting a blog to document my journey on further discovery... *Baking/cooking endeavors *New diet purchases *Possible Gardening *New nutrition Discoveries Hopefully, I can keep up because right now, I feel extremely overwhelmed with the change of and prioritizing our income (if we can do it, I assure you that YOU can do it too...believe me)! :)

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