Who Says I Can’t?


So who says that you cannot take on the world when you are sick?!  My husband keeps trying to encourage me that it will take awhile to build our immune systems up…and with my lack of sleep 2 nights in a row, I figure that will crash anyone (my daughter has been pretty sick).  I am going to be making an olive oil/garlic mixture to put in our ears (if anyone knows of more recipes, do leave a comment, please)!

I have also been playing with the idea of getting my Master’s Degree in Nutrition, but even Liberty Online costs over $20,000…so that won’t be happening for quite awhile due to paying on the husband’s MS right now 😉

It is official though, I WILL learn how to make cheese!  I love cheese and even when it isn’t organic cheese, it is still outrageously priced.  Mozzarella will be my first attempt (it is suppose to be easier and we eat pizza every week), but I am not sure when I will start due to everything else going on right now.  If anyone would like to get me a cheese  press, I will love you forever (though mozzarella does not require one since it is a softer cheese)? 🙂  I welcome any tips and advice people have on cheese making–thanks!


About nuttyonnutrition

I am a wife and mother who has recently become aware of how important nutrition is...yes, this seems silly, but it REALLY just hit me! As my daughter started to eat solid food, I became sensitive to the "junk" that was out there. Ever so slowly, I discovered more and more about a more nutritious diet. Such as: Fruits and veggies are great...as long as they are organic and not plastered with pesticides (which can cause cancer and a load of other problems)--the same with meats injected with antibiotics and steroids...and diets that were never healthy while the animal was alive. So much information, so I am starting a blog to document my journey on further discovery... *Baking/cooking endeavors *New diet purchases *Possible Gardening *New nutrition Discoveries Hopefully, I can keep up because right now, I feel extremely overwhelmed with the change of living...diet and prioritizing our income (if we can do it, I assure you that YOU can do it too...believe me)! :)

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