What a terrible early morning I had…and it was not because my daughter woke up crying…I was the one wanting to cry! I went to bed with a pretty throbbing headache and woke up at 2am to some of the most excruciating throbbing ever!  I could barely breathe out my nose, I had junk running down my throat, and my ears were starting to feel completely “clogged”.  The throbbing in my head made my teeth hurt to the point I wondered if I had a toothache.  I laid there in misery for an hour before remembering in the GAPS book that for babies, you are to put the Probiotic powder on their tongue before bed and let it dissolve, so the “good bacteria” can work in that area of the body and kill the bad bacteria that is thriving.  I got my adult dosage pill AGAIN and instead of breaking it open, I let it dissolve on my tongue while I was in bed.  It was only within seconds of feeling the capsule break that my nasal passages cleared and I could hear popping in my ears as they opened.  This sounds unbelievable, but I had to write about it because I was pretty amazed.  It did not take my headache away and my left ear still feels like a little something is in it, but everything else is pretty much fine besides blowing my nose once in awhile. AMAZING!  So guess what my daughter got before she went down for her nap today?  Yes, her probiotic powder on her tongue–and she took it like a bigger girl than her Mommy 🙂


Oh, I read some bad reviews on different people who have taken probiotic powder, but from what I could tell, they were using it incorrectly (taking too high dosages; trying to get it to work faster…and on an empty stomach which my particular probiotic brand does not recommend).  You can may $16 for something natural or end up paying that or more for some meds that either mask your symptoms or kill ALL the bacteria leaving room for more infections…I personally choose my route for now 🙂


About nuttyonnutrition

I am a wife and mother who has recently become aware of how important nutrition is...yes, this seems silly, but it REALLY just hit me! As my daughter started to eat solid food, I became sensitive to the "junk" that was out there. Ever so slowly, I discovered more and more about a more nutritious diet. Such as: Fruits and veggies are long as they are organic and not plastered with pesticides (which can cause cancer and a load of other problems)--the same with meats injected with antibiotics and steroids...and diets that were never healthy while the animal was alive. So much information, so I am starting a blog to document my journey on further discovery... *Baking/cooking endeavors *New diet purchases *Possible Gardening *New nutrition Discoveries Hopefully, I can keep up because right now, I feel extremely overwhelmed with the change of and prioritizing our income (if we can do it, I assure you that YOU can do it too...believe me)! :)

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    • As far as the probiotics go, I read about them in the book I mentioned in my first post, I believe (By Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride). She has specific foods you should and should not eat for people with digestive issues. She has specific chapters on some mental health issues, constipation, and ear infections. I feel bad I cannot explain it myself in more elaborate detail, but basically, a probiotic is “good bacteria”…I am taking supplements (Udo’s brand) (Lyla has one for infant/toddlers). But you can make your own fermented foods and drinks that create probiotics. Not all of them are so great, but they are keeping your body healthy with good bacteria to kill the bad stuff. I have made fermented carrots and sweet potato…also, I have RAW farm fresh milk (pasturized isn’t the same thing) and I make yogurt with it–which is a great probiotic! I am kind of ticked with myself for giving Lyla those two dosages of Antibiotics this past fall because ever since then, she keeps getting sick–mainly ear infections. Dr. McBride explains the science of why that happens in her book. I wonder if your library would have it? I’m going to buy it eventually, but it is definitely double the price of a regular book.

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